Effective January 1, 2020, OHIP will no longer cover any portion of your medical costs while travelling outside of Canada.


The Plan does not cover any loss, which is the result of:

  1. intentionally self inflicted injuries, suicide or any attempt thereat, while sane or insane;
  2. war or any act thereof;
  3. flying in an aircraft owned or leased by your employer, yourself or a Member of your household, or aircraft being used for any test or experimental purpose, firefighting, power line inspection, pipeline inspection, aerial photography or exploration;
  4. flying as pilot or crew Member in any aircraft or device for aerial navigation;
  5. full time, active duty in the armed forces.

Note: Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits cease in accordance with the “TERMINATION OF COVERAGE”, provision, or upon attainment of age 70, whichever is earlier.

This website describes the conditions of eligibility, coverage and claims procedures under the Teamsters and Toronto Ready Mix Producers Benefit Plan Fund. The Board of Trustees are solely responsible for establishing the eligibility rules of the Trust Fund.


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*Please note that some changes were made to the booklet after April 2018 and these have been highlighted in red for your information.

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