Effective January 1, 2020, OHIP will no longer cover any portion of your medical costs while travelling outside of Canada.

How to File

Claim forms may be obtained from the Trust Fund’s administrator or the Claims Office or from the Benefit Plan Administrators website: http://www.bpagroup.com.

Prescription Drug Claims

On January 1, 2013, the Reimbursement Drug Benefit was replaced by the Prescription Drug Card Benefit. When you drop off a prescription, present your Prescription Drug Card to the pharmacist.

If you have any difficulties using the Prescription Drug Card, please contact Benefit Plan Administrators at either 905-275-6466 or toll free at 1-800-867-5615. Your Unique ID Number which appears on the card is the reference ID number to be used when making inquiries. It replaces the Social Insurance Number (SIN) previously used.

All paper-based prescription drug claims will continue to be processed through Benefit Plan Administrators Limited.

Other Major Medical Claims

Before submitting the claim form, ensure that all questions have been answered, that you have signed your name and clearly identified yourself by full name and have indicated your return mailing address and your employer and Union. Faulty or missing information will only result in a delay in processing your claim.

If the claim is for your dependent, provide the dependent’s first name, date of birth and relationship to you.

When you are sure that all of the above has been completed, forward the form and all attachments to the Claims Office. Your benefit cheque will be mailed directly to you.

Each expense should be listed separately, by insured individual, on the appropriate claim form. Submit claims together with originals of bills or receipts, no more than once a month or every 2 to 3 months if bills are small. Claiming more frequently for small amounts ties up service for everyone and delays payment on larger claims where there is a real need for timely benefits.

Bills and receipts must be complete. Each bill must show the

  • patient’s full name
  • date(s) the service was rendered or purchase made
  • nature of the sickness or injury
  • itemized charges
  • physician’s written recommendation 

This website describes the conditions of eligibility, coverage and claims procedures under the Teamsters and Toronto Ready Mix Producers Benefit Plan Fund. The Board of Trustees are solely responsible for establishing the eligibility rules of the Trust Fund.


Claim Forms:



*Please note that some changes were made to the booklet after April 2018 and these have been highlighted in red for your information.

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