Effective April 1, 2019, OHIP+ will no longer provide drug coverage for individuals under the age of 25 who have access to private insurance. Therefore, prescription drug claims for children and youth 24 years of age and younger with private plan coverage will have to be submitted directly to their private plan. Click here for details!

Your Privacy

The Trustees and the administrator are required to collect personal information about you, your Spouse or common law partner, beneficiaries and Dependents in order to administer your benefits.  The personal information you share with the Trustees and the administrator stays confidential and is used only to determine your benefit entitlements under the Trust Fund.  The administrator will however, provide personal information to other parties such as Insurance Carriers to determine benefit entitlements when payments are made to you or your Dependents, or as required by law.  Your employment history may be shared with your local union for the purpose of monitoring the contributions required to be made under the terms of the Collective Agreement.  The Insurance Carriers and your local union are also required by law to respect the confidentiality of any such information. 

If you need more information regarding the Privacy Policy of the Trust Fund, you may contact the administrators’ office.


Privacy Officer
Teamsters and Toronto Ready-Mix Producers’
Benefit Plan Trust Fund
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Mississauga, Ontario
L5B 3C3

Tel:  905-275-6466
Fax:  905-275-6461
Toll Free:  1-800-867-5615

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This website describes the conditions of eligibility, coverage and claims procedures under the Teamsters and Toronto Ready Mix Producers Benefit Plan Fund. The Board of Trustees are solely responsible for establishing the eligibility rules of the Trust Fund.


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*Please note that some changes were made to the booklet after April 2018 and these have been highlighted in red for your information.

Teamsters and Toronto Ready Mix Producers Benefit Plan Fund
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90 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Suite 300
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C3